A year today!!!!!

This time next year I’ll be getting ready to say “I do”.  I can’t wait, I really wish it were sooner.

I should recap on the last month or so, I’ve neglected the blog somewhat. 

We’ve booked Aceface DJ. After meeting him we liked him and his approach to weddings.  Now we have to think about any specific songs we want played.

I had the first bridesmaids get together.  We started at Mum and Dad’s to show them the dress. Then we went back to ours for a few (ahem) glasses of wine and nibbles.  Our next outing will be to see the film Bridesmaids. 

Two days I finally manged to get through to Birmingham Registry Office.  I’ve made an appointment to give notice of marriage 14th September. That was the earliest free appointment slot!!!  

Alex has designed the save the dates.  We have a few quotes from printers.  Just a case of getting them printed now.  We originally said to send them a year in advance but that deadline has been missed.  We do need to get them out ASAP as people will be planning holidays. 


About smithtobe

On 24th September my boyfriend Alex proposed to me. Now I'm a fiance and starting to plan a wedding.
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