Registrar Booked & Photographer Hunt

“The registrar can be booked up to a year in advance from the date of your wedding”

This is the advice that every book, website and (most) wedding coordinators have given us.

The wedding coordinator at the Abbey Hotel (second choice venue) mentioned that it was being changed to up to two years in advance.  I checked the registry office websites and nothing suggested this had happened yet.

Being keen, I called the Rugby registry office for some advice as to what we need to do.  They called me back the following day, asked where and when we were planning to marry and informed me that they had 12 noon or 3pm available.  

I booked 12 noon immediately.  Our wedding breakfast needs to finish by 6:30pm so 3pm just wouldn’t work.  The deposit has been taken and we’ve received confirmation through the post.  By 12:30pm on the 7th July 2012 I’ll be a married woman! 

The booking of the registrar was a real eye opener (and butt kicker).  If we’d left the registrar until July,  we may not have got a decent time slot. Or indeed, be able to marry at all.  Now we are looking into the one other thing that could get booked up early – a decent (and affordable) photographer.

I’m adopting the same approach that I used for venue hunting.  We’ve decided that the style we like is “contemporary”.  A mix of the standard wedding shots and then non intrusive “reportage” shits.  The package must include a high resolution digital copy of the picture.  That way we can keep cost down and print our own album at leisure.  

The hunt so far: made a list of wedding photographers in the midlands region using tying the knot Midlands (a wonderful, wonderful website) and good old Google.  Most can be eliminated after looking at the galleries online or by looking at the package costs.   I’m trying to speak with the remaining photographers to see if we like them as people. Also to see what ideas they have.

So far I’ve contacted about six photographers.  Two have been booked already,  one we’ve met but he’s possibly too expensive and the albums were a little tacky.  We have two more appointments arranged.   

Whilst going through our wedding box, we found an advertisement for a photographer that was at the wedding show.  The pictures are the style we like, contain a digital copy AND album plus the price is very reasonable.   One set back is that they are based in Dorset.   We are speaking to him by phone tonight. 

On another subject, we are thinking about getting the save the dates sent out.  At some point we need to get a design down…. I wish I was creative…


About smithtobe

On 24th September my boyfriend Alex proposed to me. Now I'm a fiance and starting to plan a wedding.
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