Brandon Hall Meeting

Today we went back to Brandon to meet Joy our wedding coordinator and to look at our room options.  

I was nervous on the drive to Brandon. If we really didn’t like the smaller rooms, would we cancel and go elsewhere.   If we did cancel would we have problems getting the deposit back?  On top of this, no other venue really did it for me. 

We met Joy and had a chat before looking at the rooms.  We confirmed numbers, dates name of the groom (I suggested leaving it blank just in case I had a better offer.  H2B didn’t go for that idea).

The first room we saw was The Brandon Suite.  The room was actually much larger than the picture I had in my mind.  We would use the room for the ceremony, then also for the reception.  What immediately put my mind at rest was that our wedding breakfast would be held in just the ceremony room.   The second half of the room would only be used for the evening.   Phew!  The layout would be the top table and five round tables, with 12 to a table.  We weren’t too keen on that idea so we went to look at option two; The Claranden Restaurant.

The restaurant is a beautiful room.  When we first visited the hotel I thought it was the nicest room in the building.   It’s larger than the Brandon Suite.  If our numbers creep up we have room to accommodate everyone.   We’d have the breakfast in the restaurant and then the evening in the Brandon Suite.  Perfect!  We immediately took her up on that format. 

After we’d decided on rooms we had a chat about plans.  Turns out Joy is a very experienced wedding planner.  She has given us lots of contacts and ideas.  Plus some good advice on dealing with musicians!  

I left feeling even more excited than when we originally booked the place.  I’m officially back in wedding mode.  


About smithtobe

On 24th September my boyfriend Alex proposed to me. Now I'm a fiance and starting to plan a wedding.
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