Weekend in Yorkshire

Straight after work on Friday we went up to Yorkshire to visit my H2B’s family.  Despite the traffic we got there with enough time to see his Grandma. 

Saturday we went for a meal in Pizza Express Ilkley (Moor Bart At?).  A few of us had a sat-nav issue on the journey there.  It lead us down a road that runs and then abruptly ends in the middle of Ilkley Moor. 

The meal was good fun, we were very lucky and received lots of lovely cards and gifts.  We also gained two ushers in the form of my H2B’s brothers.  They didn’t seem too excited at the prospect, but I’ve been assured that its just the way they are! 

Later in the evening we visited H2B’s best friend and his wife.  We had a lovely evening of wine and wedding videos.  They were able to offer lots of valuable advise, I’m sure we’ll call on their help when the planning really starts. 

We also left their house with a huge bag of wedding magazines, a lovely wedding companion and a Best Man!  I’m really pleases that H2B chose who he did. 

Excitement levels are now through the roof.


About smithtobe

On 24th September my boyfriend Alex proposed to me. Now I'm a fiance and starting to plan a wedding.
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