Guest list

When we had a brief look at venues, we were concerned that

a) we would exceed the maximum numbers some venues could allow

b) judging by the price per head, it’d eat up most of our budget.

Today we decided to draw up a preliminary guest list. We included all of our family and friends with a view to edit the list at a later date.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that our first draft guest list   would result in us being under the minimum needed for some places!!

Our next step is to show the lists to our parents.  There will no doubt be a few distant relatives who will need to be added as a diplomatic gesture.

Assuming that there aren’t too many to be added on, we will be in the lucky position of either keeping it a little cheaper than expected or adding more friends to join us in the daytime.

A huge relief.  Plus I got to create a wonderful new spreadsheet to manage the planning.  I do love spreadsheets and list writing.


About smithtobe

On 24th September my boyfriend Alex proposed to me. Now I'm a fiance and starting to plan a wedding.
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